I tried to avenge Harambe in Zoo Tycoon

By Alex Alusheff It’s been four years since Harambe the lowland gorilla was gunned down in the Cincinnati Zoo after a 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. Harambe became the internet sensation of the summer. People trolled the Cincinnati Zoo on Twitter until it deleted its page. Memes flooded the internet, most notably, Dicks out for Harambe. Harambe is even memorialized on clothing. As an Ohioan, I personally own a “Harambe loved Christmas” sweater….


Tackling anxiety in Death Stranding

Right before my state went into lockdown in March, a coworker let me borrow Death Stranding for my PS4. I was somewhat reluctant to start it because I knew it was going to be a giant time-suck, and I was still fighting my way through Red Dead Redemption 2. But eventually I jumped into it. I’m not going to spend much time reviewing the actual game, because that’s been hashed out elsewhere. But I will say that the story is wonderfully weird and complex, and the soundtrack, atmosphere and graphics are phenomenal. Instead, I’m going to talk about how this game affects my anxiety in both positive and negative ways.


An open letter to the Super Smash Bros. community

I don’t know where to begin. The last two weeks have been some of the darkest days in the Super Smash Bros. community. After major allegations against one of the top Smash Ultimate players came out, members of the community found their courage to speak out about their own abusers. At the time of this article, around 200 allegations have come out so far.


What your driver choice in Mario Kart 64 says about you

Some people use horoscopes to better understand their personality. Others use the Enneagram Personality Test. Here at GYG Lounge, we don’t need astrology or a scientific model based on core beliefs to tell you the kind of person you are. We know exactly who you are based on the character you pick in Mario Kart.