Deandre and Eduardo when to the farmers market. Deandre purchased 15 tomatoes and 12 ears of corn, and Eduardo purshased 3 tomatoes and 10 ears of corn. If Deandre spent $58.32 and Eduardo spent $34.16, and both people purchased their items from the same vendor, how much did the vendor charge for a single tomato and a single ear of corn?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Single tomato=$1,32Single ear of corn=$3,21Step-by-step explanation:For this we need to express 2 inequalities with 2 unknown lettersFor Deandre we have:15(x)+12(y)=58,32x being the price for tomato and y for ears of cornFor Eduardo we can use the same letters for price of tomatoes and ears of corn:3(x)+10(y)=34,16We can clear one letter in function of the other in one inequality3x=34,16-10yx=(34,16-10y)/3and use this expression to solve the first15((34,16-10y)/3)+12y=58,32170,8-50y+15y=58,32112,48=35y3,21=y and y represents the price for each ear of corn15x+12(3,21)=58,3215x=19,8x=1,32x represents the price for each tomato