a weather balloon holds 2600 cubic meters of helium. the density of helium is 0.1755 kilograms per cubic meter. how many kilograms of helium does the balloon contain?

Accepted Solution

Answer: The weather balloon contains 456.3 kilogram of helium. Solution: It is given that the weather balloon hold 2600 cubic meter of helium which means per cubic meter the weather balloon hold 2600 helium. Now it is given that the density of the the helium is 0.1755 kilogram per cubic meter. We have to find how many kilogram of helium does the balloon contain. To find out the kilogram of helium balloon contains we multiply the amount of helium the balloon contains per cubic meter and the density of the helium per cubic meterThus balloon contains 2600 Γ— 0.1755 = 456.3 kilogram of helium.