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What your driver choice in Mario Kart 64 says about you

Some people use horoscopes to better understand their personality. Others use the Enneagram Personality Test. Here at GYG Lounge, we don’t need astrology or a scientific model based on core beliefs to tell you the kind of person you are. We know exactly who you are based on the character you pick in Mario Kart.


The problem with water levels and why we hate them

By Alex Alusheff Water is fascinating. We drink it, we play in it, we explore it, and we search for it on other planets so we have a replacement for when we fuck up Earth. But water also sucks. You can drown from too much of it or die from too little of it. Also sharks live in it. Sharks. All of these negative traits and more are ever-present most water levels in video games,…


Why Star Trek deserves a Telltale-style narrative game

During the two and a half months I spent at home through this pandemic, I came to learn two things about myself. I genuinely love video games that can make a game work with minimal conflict, and I love Star Trek:The Next Generation. I’ve had a lot of exposure to Star Trek throughout my lifetime, but I never truly understood what the franchise was actually about until now. Thinking back on it, I had always thought it was a campy franchise that was about fighting a new alien every episode.